Safety and Security


We are PROUD to announce that Coastal Middle & High School has been approved to
become the ONLY AngelWatch Accredited childcare facility in Lake Park Florida!

We have been approved for a grant to train our entire staff in all state mandated & Specialized


CPR / infant, toddler, adult
First aid training

Bloodborne Pathogens

Anaphylaxis and epinephrine auto injector

Asthma inhaler

Administering emergency oxygen
AED / automated external defibrillator training
MAT / medication administration training
Fire evacuation procedures and equipment
Access Control procedures and protocols

Shelter in place

Parent child abduction
Lockdown procedures external threat
Lockdown procedures internal threat
Lockdown procedures natural disaster
Bomb threat procedures and protocols
Emergency evacuation procedures and protocols
Active shooter procedures internal threat
Active shooter procedures exterior threat

AngelWatch will also conduct a threat assessment in order to provide us with improved plans for
all of our emergency procedures in compliance with Department of Homeland Security,
Departments of State and Defense as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agencies.

Additionally, AngelWatch will install their patented, tripleencrypted coded system. This system,
in addition to providing daily security and protection, will allow Police, Fire and Emergency
Medical Personnel to access and assess dangerous situations before they arrive.

The AngelWatch National Accreditation Program is simply the
highest standard of safety in the country.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your child will soon be one of the few children
in the area to attend an AngelWatch Accredited facility, The Safest and
Securest centers in the United States with the Best trained staff in the